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A cottage, fresh organic produce, trees, flowers and fresh milk from our very own cows - a dream that a lot of us harbor but do not have the time or resources to see through. When the rest of the world is gearing towards more urbanization, trendy gadgets and sky rising apartments, we chose to go green. A life that is simply natural for our family is the motivation behind creating Oxygen Acres.

Welcome to Oxygen Acres, a breath of fresh air! Nothing fancy and no gimmicks - just a place to unwind and experience the simplicity of leading a healthy life style by keeping things simply natural. What is healthy for us human beings is invariably beneficial to our environment too.

Walk in, to learn more about modern farming techniques by adopting ancient methods. For those of you who do not fancy farming, relax under the shade of a 350 years old banyan tree and be embraced by the positive energy that surrounds this heritage tree.

What is Oxygen Acres?

Oxygen Acres is an effort to provide the community an opportunity to experience peace and tranquility away from the run of the mill modern day life style. Also learn earth friendly methods of cattle rearing and associated farming. Most importantly, Oxygen Acres is an attempt to emphasize the significance of conserving agricultural land for farming purposes only instead of destroying the green space that surrounds Mysore for real estate development ventures.

We believe in conducting business that is professional, clean and good just like our products.

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